• Simple Editing
  • You send us your raw recording and we'll send you back a fully produced episode ready to be published
  • Podcast Production
  • Send us your raw audio and we'll edit, upload, and publish each episode leaving your free to build your brand
  • Consultation
  • We can help you get your show to the next level or answer any questions you have about podcasting
  • New Show Support
  • As you begin your podcasting journey, we will be with you, helping, every step of the way

Roth Media

I began my podcasting journey in 2013 when I wanted my ideas to reach more people. Now I have changed my focus so that I may help others achieve the same goal.

Most new podcasters don’t make it. It’s an unfortunate fact. A low barrier to entry allows anybody to start a podcast but very few have the drive to keep going and even fewer have the ability to handle everything on their own.

The ones that are successful understand that podcasting is a complex endeavor and help is needed manage it all.

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