Hey, my name is Brenda Lomeli and I am beyond happy to just speak so highly of Daniel because he has been helping me edit and just optimize the sound of my podcast ever since I started. And I will just say that he is the best. He always goes above and beyond and like really always just delivers excellent work.

He makes my job with the podcast so easy. I literally just sit down, hit, record my podcast and send him the file and he takes care of every single other thing. Like before I know it. My podcast is up and it has been launched and the podcast notes have been updated and it sounds great. And he cuts out all my ums and ums and likes and big silence gaps where I have to stop and think, and like the, all of that, he just cleans it up.

Makes it sound so super pro and legit. Sometimes I listen back to my edited recordings and I’m like, damn. I sound so good. And a big part of that is because of Daniel. So he just does an amazing job. I would highly recommend him. If you are considering hiring someone to edit your podcast. I initially, when I first started my podcast, tried to do the editing on my own.

Oh my gosh. I think I spent an entire week. It really is just like a whole nother world of things to learn. Yeah. So when I found him and. Was able to hire him so that he could do that piece. It really freed me up to just focus on doing the piece. That’s essential that for me, that only I can do, which is to just create the content, recorded the podcast.

And then he took care of every other technical logistical thing up until it just being up on iTunes and all that other good stuff. So he does a phenomenal job. He’s easy to communicate with. He. Gets everything done on time. Like everything that I could ask for, he just gets it done and it’s never been a problem.

We’ve never had any. So I highly, highly, highly recommend them. If you are busy, you own your own business and have tons of other things to take care of and to think about he is just awesome. So definitely at least try it out. But if anything, I would say hire him before he gets way booked and super busy because he will because he’s awesome.

Brenda Lomeli

The Last 10 Pounds

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