Proffesional podcast editing


Podcast editing can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why dozens of podcasters rely on me to handle their podcast post-production.

I take the raw audio and cut the silences, verbal crutches, umms, and ahhs so you and your guests sound like the experts you are. I also reduce background noise, clipping reverb, and make other audio improvements so your show sounds as professional as you are.

  • 1 episode a week
  • Remove crutch words (umm, ahh, ya know)
  • Add intro, outro, music, and ads
  • EQ boost, noise removal, volume balance
  • Minimal audio repair
  • Full ID3 tagging
  • Uploading episode to media host
  • Create and publish 1 blog post per episode
  • 1-on-1 quarterly consultation
  • Royalty-free music
  • Content editing – a deep dive into the episodes to help develop the story arc and tell your brand story.

Your Technical Partner for Podcast Success

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1-on-1 Consultation

Whether you’re a veteran podcaster or just getting started, having a one-on-one consultation session can shed light on ways to improve your show. You may need someone to brainstorm an idea with or help to find the little improvements you can make to your show. Either way, I’m here to help.

New Show Launch

Getting a show started can be a daunting task. There are so many parts that people often get overwhelmed. What equipment to buy, what host to use, how to record, how to get on Apple Podcasts. It can be a bit much. That’s why having a stable hand in the process can go a long way. I have helped countless shows get started and I can be there with you every step of the way.


All the major social media sites are pushing video. I’m sure you’ve noticed more and more videos popping up on Facebook and Instagram. Sharing audio is difficult, but with audiograms, you can take advantage of this video push. By taking short clips of your episodes and adding a waveform on top of your artwork, you can have a great looking video to share to your social media audience.

Video Editing

If you record your episodes as video as well, or use a video chat service to record your interviews, there is value to be gained from posting these to YouTube. YouTube is free so there is nothing to lose by trying to grow an audience using video. I will take your video, make any necessary edits, add your music and post it to your YouTube account.

Website Setup

It’s important to your show to have a home for it on the internet. While many media hosts offer a basic site, there is value to be gained by owning your own presence. If you decide to leave your media host or the company fails, you’ll be left in the dark. By owning your website, you control your future. As your brand grows, your website can grow with it.

Show Notes/Transcription

Having show notes and/or a transcription can help your audience retain the information they gain from the show. With show notes, they can easily go back and find that one bit of information they need. I can create tailored show notes to fit the needs of your show and audience.

Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?


What’s your turnaround time?

I guarantee 7 days. That gives us time to work through revisions to make sure the episode is exactly how you want it. However, I usually get it done within 72 hours.

Do you need help setting up new podcasts?

Absolutely! One of my favorite aspects of this is getting to work with new, passionate podcasters. I offer 1-on-1 consultations where we go through everything that is podcasting and what you need to do as far as media hosting, equipment, your website, and much more. I also have a New Show Launch package that includes a consultation. The difference is that I offer a more hands-on approach to the launch.

I'm Ready To Get Started But I Have More Questions.

Contact me and ask away! I will answer any questions promptly.

Do you guarantee perfect sounding audio?

That will depend on the initial recording. It can be very difficult to repair bad audio though I do strive to make it sound the best I can. Every show gets EQ boosting, background noise reduction, normalization, compression, and volume leveling. In more extreme cases I can fix some reverb, clicking, and audio clipping.

Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. I strive to make your episodes sound exactly how you want and if I can’t achieve that, you don’t pay anything. Though I’ve never had that issue.

Can You Provide Show Notes And Transcriptions?

It is a possibility and if you’d like to get in touch, I’d be more than willing to discuss your needs.

How Can I Pay For Your Services?

How would you like to pay? 😊 I offer several solutions. Your invoice will have the option to pay by credit card as well as bank transfer from over 2400 banks. You can pay via Payoneer or PayPal.

I Have A Special Situation, Can You Help?

Yes, if your show falls outside any of my packages, I’d love to chat with you and create a custom package. Please get it touch so we can discuss it further.

Where Can I Listen To Your Work?

You can look at my portfolio for examples of shows I have worked on as well as what my clients think about my work.

Can I Order A One-Off Episode?

Sure thing. Whether you want to test out my services before jumping in or you just want one episode editing, I can help. Please get in touch so we can discuss it further.



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